Sunday, 11 November 2007

Some stuff from the archives........Portugal 2006

In November 2006, Frankie, The Beast, Grandad, Miguel, Dom, and I took a bit of a fact finding / exploratory trip to Northern Portugal. We found a real hidden treasure. An incredible variety of rivers, amazing scenery, cheap food and drink, and really friendly people. An amazing trip.......

Dom surfs the get on wave - Minho river high water

I go for an ender - Minho River

Miguel hits a nice line on the Mouro

The Beca put in - note our lack of organisation

Running a drop on the Beca

Boof time!

Some Portuguese wildlife

More wildlife

Even the cows look fierce

The Beast gets lost on the way to the Tua put in

The Beast finds a nice Tua surf wave

Grandad having one of his famous front surfs on the Tua

The start of festival night in Chaves

The Beast - our protector

Miguel and I after a little too much Chaves party spirit

Frankie in the Paiva Gorge

Me, getting a boof in the Paiva Gorge

Playwave on the Lower Paiva

Beast throws some ends on the Lower Paiva

Some video of our trip can be found here -

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