Monday, 13 August 2007

The Summer of Love..........

This summer has been one of the wettest on record here in the UK, and as boaters we're one of the few groups of people to really enjoy it. The usual supsects and I have been hitting the water alot over the last few's been so sweet.

Bob and Frankie enter the Gun Barrel - photo by Dave Fairweather

Dave, Frankie (Chris Smith) and I kicked off with a really cool day on the Ogwen and Aberglaslyn gorge. We ran the Ogwen from the Gun Barrel through the famous Fishermans Gorge. This is a classic continuous North Wales section, especially once in the Fisherman's Gorge which is just one long steep boulder garden full of sweet boofs, and fun eddy hopping........

Bob puffs his cheeks out and hits a nice Ogwen boof - photo Dave Fairweather

Dave being dynamic - photo by Frankie

Frankie leads the way - photo by Dave Fairweather

Bob getting his face wet - photo by Dave Fairweather

After the Ogwen we hit the Aberglaslyn gorge. Even though it's a short blast to my mind is even better. We didn't stop for any pictures on this one due to the angry fishermen on the bank.........

Shortly after we ran these two classics it was time for Grandad's birthday. Ten of us met up in North Wales for and weekend of boating, and boozing. We kicked off the weekend with a quick spot of playboating on the Dee. Then we hit the booze. The drinking brought on fuzzy heads the next morning and during our moment of weakness we decided it was the day for most of us to take our first run down a British classic - the infamous Fairy Glen. It was awesome.......

Finishing the 2nd gorge of the Fairy Glen (look at those smiling faces!) - photo by Gandy

The wind down at the end of the Fairy Glen - photo by Gandy

As if all this creeking wasn't enough this summer the Dee has been at consistenty good levels for ages. The new hole at the top has been really coming into it's own. Frankie, Jo, and I have been working hard on those cartwheels, loops, and beatdowns during the long summer evenings.

Bob enjoying that evening sunshine - photo Dave Fairweather

Frankie commits - photo Dave Fairweather

Bob takes it like a man.....- photo by Dave Fairweather

Jo likes what she sees - photo by Dave Fairweather