Friday, 3 October 2008

Wet West Paddle Fest

In the middle of September a small gang of us headed north to Fort William to see what the Wet West Paddle Fest was all about. I'd not been to any big paddling type events for a while due to a strongly anti-social sense of avoiding crowds on rivers. I've got to say though that it was a superb event - great boating and really really nice people. I would imagine I'll be back up for this festival again. There was a great atmosphere throughout the weekend and we all had loads of fun. Thanks to Jo by the way for letting us make her house look like a squat for the weekend.

Playing on the Garry

Confidence inspiring sign at the Moriston put in

Getting ready to float down stream on the Moriston

Beef decides to melt in the guts of the first drop

Brinky also goes deep

Dave enters one of the longer Moriston rapids

Working my way through a rapid on the Moriston

G Diddy enjoying himself

Beef lines up for the last drop of the Upper Moriston