Saturday, 1 March 2008

The Archives strike again

I got up this morning ready to go boating only to find that our fickle climate had knocked that idea on the head. So I've been left to day dream about paddling again, which brought me back to our trip to the South East States last summer. Here's a few pictures from those two weeks................

Getting ready to drop on the Tygart

Snowy with yet more cutting edge gear

Grandad signs up for the National Rifle Association

Donna firing off

Donna being political.......

Brinky at the famous Hells Hole - Ocoee river

Brinky cools off after a surf session

In Asheville with our hosts Eli, Megan, and their entourage

Barry Kennon's beach retreat

Brinky pops up in the Slab hole

Night time Slab fun

Eli works the Slab

Woodall Shoals campsite on the Chattooga

Sliding on the Tygart

Ben lines up for a drop on the Tygart

Obligatory wildlife shot

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