Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Another helping of Turkey

After a couple of days at the Dalaman we headed east across the mountains to check out a couple more rivers and some more Turkish culture.

We made our way past Antalya stopping only briefly for a kebab and a much needed visit to a Haman (Turkish bath). After a fairly long drive we arrived at a rafting base on the Korpucay river............

One of the many beautiful mosques we saw on our travels

Gotta love Turkish cooking - kebab time!

Hanging out with the law, and knocking back a few cups of cay (Turkish tea)

View from our campsite at the Korpucay

The Korpucay was the easiest river we did. There were loads of nice little waves to mess around on, and it was perfect to chill out on after a couple of days creeking on the Dalaman. The Korpucay was also the first time that we encountered some of the springs that feed the rivers in the region. These springs flow straight out of the gorge walls adding loads of volume to the rivers. They were always a spectacular sight and it was the first time any of us had seen anything like it..........

Another breath-taking bridge - this time at the top of the Korpucay

Frankie messing about below one of the springs

Matt surfs the Korpucay

One of the best things about Turkey was the food which you could always be sure was fresh. This is illustrated by the meal we had after boating on the Korpucay..........

Always make sure you stay to the middle of the flock

Woolly jumpers for everyone

Took about ten minutes from running about the hills to this stage

I don't know who eventually ate these

After a feast of BBQ lamb, and a great nights sleep we headed off to the Manavgat gorges where we encountered the hardest boating of the trip, more on this soon..............

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